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DigitalCRO gives this website for your usage on the following Terms and Conditions. You are agreeing to adhere to these Terms and Conditions should you access any page on this website. DigitalCRO may issue updated terms and conditions every so often without making a particular nofication to you regarding this update. It is your responsibility to check the terms and conditions each time you choose to access the DigitalCRO website.

DigitalCRO Website

You can get information about particular DigitalCRO products and services on this DigitalCRO website and you are also permitted to send questions to DigitalCRO in order to obtain additional information.


The DigitalCRO website is for you personal usage and is provided free of charge. It is not to be employed for commercial purposes. DigitalCRO reserves the right to alter this website, to refuse to reply to questions and to refuse to provide support in regards to the DigitalCRO website.

Please do not send confidential or proprietary information to DigitalCRO via this DigitalCRO website. Please take note that if you send information or material via the DigitalCRO website it will always be considered non-confidential, according to Digital CRO’s duties regarding the Privacy Policy. If you choose to send any information or material to DigitalCRO, you are handing over the right, irrevocable and not bounded, to display, copy, change, send, and perform said material and/or information. You also consent to the use of any ideas, knowledge or concepts by DigitalCRO that you have sent to DigitalCRO for any reason.

You will not post on DigitalCRO’s website or send to or via this website any material which could be construed as (1) libellous, defamatory, hateful, abusive, obscene, offensive or discriminatory, (2) a trade secret, or in violation of any confidentiality or privacy, (3) in violation of a third party’s proprietary rights unless you have been given all the required permission and licensing, (4) violating any other laws.

You will not send to or via the website any material that could be considered as advocating practices that would be classed as criminal, result in a civil liability, or otherwise break the law of any country, or violate the rights of a third party that can be enforced in some location.

DigitalCRO reserves the right to remove any material from this website if it is deemed to violate the above stipulations regarding acceptable content. With the exception of that stated above, you will accept that DigitalCRO does not exercise power over website content provided by other users, and DigitalCRO does not monitor the website to make sure that information is true or in conformity to the terms and conditions outlined here.

You must not place links to the DigitalCRO website on other websites that feature inappropriate or obscene content, and you must immediately remove any such link if DigitalCRO requests as much.

You will secure DigitalCRO and the affiliates of DigitalCRO against any costs, monetary or otherwise, that may be incurred as a consequence of breaching these terms and conditions.


If you make the decision to register on this DigitalCRO site, you must provide DigitalCRO with correct data as requested at the point of registration. This privacy policy provides you with all details of our usage and transmission of your personal information.

Information that you provide to DigitalCRO via a form or other means will be used by DigitalCRO in the provision of the services that you have asked for from the DigitalCRO website.

Now and then DigitalCRO agents and/or affiliates may employ said information for the purposes of marketing or letting you know about our products and services which we believe you may want to be aware of.

DigitalCRO is committed to safeguarding your privacy. Your personal information will be stored under secure digital conditions and files will not be used for purposes other than those set out in this privacy policy. The information will be stored on a server which can only be accessed by approved DigitalCRO staff.

Cookies, small pieces of data that statistics regarding your usage of the website will be installed on your device. These cookies can only gather information that you choose to provide. The cookies will not access your hard drive. We use these cookies to improve our customer service. The information gathered by cookies will not be sold to any orgsanisation or given to any entities outside of DigitalCRO.

You may use tools in your browser to alert you to these cookies and to refuse installation.

  • You have the right to access the data in your profile and to change it or delete it.
  • DigitalCRO will only hold your personal data for as long as is necessary for the provision of services you have requested, or for any duration that is required under the law.
  • This Privacy Policy can be changed by DigitalCRO and you will be notified of these changes that affect your personal data.


All terms including conditions, representations, and warranties in regards to the supply or purported supply, failure in supplying or delay with regard to supplying any service linked to the DigitalCRO site or that the DigitalCRO site provides correct, up to date information, which might were it not for this section have effect between DigitalCRO and you, or would otherwise be tacit in or a part of these terms and conditions or any connected agreement, whether by statute, common law or otherwise is hereby excluded by DigitalCRO.

You understand that you are using the DigitalCRO website entirely at your own risk and that there is no requirement on the part of DigitalCRO that this DigitalCRO website be in accordance with your personal requirements or that the website will be entirely safe, free from mistakes or that service will never cease.

All and any services and/or material that is given to you via Digital CRO’s website or in a way that is linked with Digital CRO’s website is given as such on an “as is” and an “as available” basis. DigitalCRO does not make any type of endorsement or representation, whether explicit or tacit, in regard to the DigitalCRO website for the material included in it or services provided by or in connection with it. Digital CDO holds sole and full discretion to change or remove any material or services offered with the DigitalCRO website.


DigitalCRO, any of DigitalCRO’s affiliates and all their stakeholders and employees, and other parties of any kind whether or not they are directly involved the provision of this DigitalCRO website, hereby exclude any responsibility and liability for any degree or type of cost that may be incurred by you or by another party, contact or otherwise in links with DigitalCRO in any way or in regard to the use or inability to use or the consequences of using this DigitalCRO website, any websites linked to it or any content on those websites, including but not limited to damage resulting from malware obtained by using these sites or downloading material from them. This does not affect your statutory rights. Kinds of damages referenced in the above include any losses whether direct or indirect, losses arising from cessation of business, loss of income, reduction in profits, loss in data, contracts or goodwill.


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Governing Law

The Terms and Conditions specified here shall be governed by and interpreted according to Irish law. Any disputes that may arise with regard to these terms and conditions will fall solely under the jurisdiction of the Irish courts.


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