Website Design and Development

We custom web design and develop CMS websites for B2B companies that are fully integrated with CRM systems.

Our Design Approach
Our web design approach is simple, clear and to the point. We like to make websites that are easy to navigate, marketing automated, and fully optimised for search engines.
Design & Development
You can count on our team of experienced Project Managers, Web Designers, Front-end Developers and Back-end Developers to design and develop an advanced website for your company that will help you to increase your client base and grow your business.

Design, Develop & Launch.

Our web design and development process is simple. We start by designing your homepage and when it's approved we design the full website. After that, we start working on the markup code and once that is approved, only then do we start the web development.
  • Project Management
    Your DigitalCRO Project Manager is on hand to answer any questions and process your feedback. They will be your personal link to our design and development teams.
  • Sitemap Creation
    For all newly designed websites we will create your sitemap. For website redesigns we will review your existing sitemaps and discuss with you what is best kept or deleted.
  • Web Design
    We will design your entire website using Photoshop, page by page. This allows you to continually approve the designs and visually see what the overall layout, colour, flow and style will be like.
  • Responsive Coding
    Before website development we will write the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. We will send this to you for approval, so that you can see what the website will actually look like in a local environment.
  • Web Development
    We use the WordPress platform exclusively as our content management system (CMS). Combined with ACFPro this enables us to achieve high-end custom built websites for you.
  • Google Tag Manager
    All our websites come equipped with Google Tag Manager, setup and installed as standard. This helps future proof your website and it allows all tracking scripts to be kept in one central location.
What We Do
Planning is a critical part of website design and development. We begin each web project by meeting with you in order to fully understand the specific objectives and goals you have for your website. Then we will translate your objectives into actionable plans to design and develop the frame-work for your website.
What You Do
The success of your website and the time it takes to complete hinges on your direct involvement and commitment to the project. We will work very closely with a nominated person on your team to ensure your website is designed and developed to your specific business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does a website cost?
    It’s not until we fully understand your requirements that we can price your job accurately, but to give you an idea, the design and development starts from around €5,000.
  • How long does the process take?
    A typical website takes 2 months for the design and development, but content population (text and images) really can slow a project down. We are more than happy to help with the content population, or even manage the entire process for you.
  • What CMS do you use?
    We use the WordPress platform exclusively for client websites.
  • What CRM do you recommend?
    We recommend HubSpot CRM. If you already have a different CRM in place, that’s no problem!
  • Do you provide website hosting?
    Yes, at an extra cost of €480 per year. We recommend WPengine, it provides many benefits including SSL certificates, content delivery network (CDN), and staging environments for development. If you want to use a different hosting provider and pay it yourself, that’s fine with us.
  • Do you write the website text?
    No, clients either supply us with their text or for an additional cost we can write your website text. Prices range from €30 to €80 per page.
  • Does the price include buying images?
    No, clients either supply us with their images or for an additional cost we can purchase stock imagery - €15 per image. If you don’t want to use stock images, we can provide professional photography - half day photography is €550. Additionally, if you require custom illustrations these are quoted separately.
  • Are the websites GDPR compliant?
    Yes, this is one of the main reasons why we develop websites that are integrated with CRM systems. From cookie notices, lead capture forms to data management we have you covered!
  • Are the websites optimised for SEO?
    Yes, for newly developed websites we onsite optimise your entire website. For website redesigns we implement best practice SEO using 301 redirects, plus we still onsite optimise your existing/new website.
  • Do you provide technical support?
    Yes, we charge €70 P/H for support. This covers all aspects of the website once complete – "how to", landing pages, and additional developments.