Marketing Process

Step 1

Meeting, Goals & Planning

Expansion Meeting

We begin each project with an in-depth meeting with our client in order to understand the goals and objectives behind the expansion.

Confirm Objectives

We listen to our clients to gain an understanding of their objectives. Then collectively we translate these objectives into actionable plans.

Project Planning

Timescales and deliverables are agreed with each client. Planning to succeed is an important part of the digital marketing process.

Step 2

Research, Design & Setup

Buyer Persona

Together we create a buyer persona profile to gain an understanding of your prospective customer.

Competitor Analysis

This aspect of the project consists of reviewing the activities of your competitors online presence.

Online Branding

DigitalCRO take a holistic view of your brand identity and translate that into custom online design.

Value Proposition

Working together we identity your value proposition to create high value content and copywriting.

Design & Development

We use the WordPress platform to create high-end custom designed and developed websites.

Digital Tools

Get fast tracked by DigitalCRO on the necessary tools required for your digital expansion.


DigitalCRO conforms to SEO standards implementing the most up to date SEO practices

CMS Training

We setup WordPress and demonstrate the use of the CMS for new web pages and lead capture.

Step 3

Strategy & Implementation

Digital Strategy

We have the knowledge and experience to attract the right sort of clients to your business.


Reconnect with your website visitors by showing relevant ads across their different devices.

Keyword Research

We plan your Search Network campaigns, get performance insights, and identify keywords.

Paid Campaigns (PPC)

PPC advertising is a solid method for generating new leads and reaching more customers.

Lead Generation (PPL)

PPL programmes match buyers to sellers, and this is why they are highly profitable.

Landing Pages

Working together we will identify and setup multiple landing pages for SEO & PPC LeadGen.

Content Marketing

Skyrocket your content marketing strategy and start generating 100,000’s of website visits.

Social Marketing

Social awareness of your brand is an important factor to compliment the overall digital strategy.

Email Marketing

Combined with your buyer persona profile we send targeted emails to capture your target audience.

Client Support

Knowledge transfer and training is of the utmost most importance and DigitalCRO supports their clients.