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Privacy Policy

If you make the decision to register on this DigitalCRO site, you must provide DigitalCRO with correct data as requested at the point of registration. This privacy policy provides you with all details of our usage and transmission of your personal information.

Information that you provide to DigitalCRO via a form or other means will be used by DigitalCRO in the provision of the services that you have asked for from the DigitalCRO website.

Now and then DigitalCRO agents and/or affiliates may employ said information for the purposes of marketing or letting you know about our products and services which we believe you may want to be aware of.

DigitalCRO is committed to safeguarding your privacy. Your personal information will be stored under secure digital conditions and files will not be used for purposes other than those set out in this privacy policy. The information will be stored on a server which can only be accessed by approved DigitalCRO staff.

Cookies, small pieces of data that statistics regarding your usage of the website will be installed on your device. These cookies can only gather information that you choose to provide. The cookies will not access your hard drive. We use these cookies to improve our customer service. The information gathered by cookies will not be sold to any orgsanisation or given to any entities outside of DigitalCRO.

You may use tools in your browser to alert you to these cookies and to refuse installation.

  • You have the right to access the data in your profile and to change it or delete it.
  • DigitalCRO will only hold your personal data for as long as is necessary for the provision of services you have requested, or for any duration that is required under the law.
  • This Privacy Policy can be changed by DigitalCRO and you will be notified of these changes that affect your personal data.